Ride Board

On EVERY On-Hill Practice and Race Day you must check in via our team GroupMe, via text message or phone call to Jodi Ausland  @ (530) 966-2917.  Please check-in upon departing town (every driver with athletes in their car is responsible to do this).  All athletes need to be accounted for, as this is a school sanctioned sport.  This check-in roster is also used to allow Walt to set race rosters on race days.

Every On-Hill Practice and Race has a separate ride board.  EVERY athlete is required be signed up on on EVERY ride board.   Click on each date below to access each ride board.


State Championship Rideboard and Help Sign Up

Ride Board Directions: The rideboard for the entire week is on the same document.

  • Please make sure your athlete is on the ride board for both Arrival to Shasta from Chico and Departure to Chico from Shasta. Additional directions on the rideboard.

State House Help and Drive Sign Up

If you want to help with meal prep; driving athletes from state house to shasta ski park and back and final house morning clean up; sign up using form below.