Ride Board

On EVERY On-Hill Practice and Race Day you must check in via our team GroupMe, via text message or phone call to Jodi Ausland  @ (530) 966-2917.  Please check-in upon departing town (every driver with athletes in their car is responsible to do this).  All athletes need to be accounted for, as this is a school sanctioned sport.  This check-in roster is also used to allow Walt to set race rosters on race days.

Every On-Hill Practice and Race has a separate ride board.  EVERY athlete is required be signed up on on EVERY ride board.   Click on each date below to access each ride board.


February Races

  • Due to the last race being rescheduled from 2/15 to 2/22; please update the Rideboard and the Ticket Request / Awards BBQ RSVP / BBQ Dessert Sign Up

  • Make updates by Wednesday 2/20 by 10:00am