Prior to beginning practice; every athlete must turn complete the Athletic Eligibility Packet and get a physical.  See below for link to access these online forms.

Athletic Eligibility Packet

Athletic Eligibility Packets can now be completed online using AthleticClearance.com.  

  • You must create an account on AthleticClearance.com
  • The Physical Form will be uploaded on AthleticClearance.com or return to main office.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is required to participate in high school athletics. 

Click Here to access all of this information on PV High Schools Sports Requirements page of their website.


Every athlete is required to have a signed Northstar waiver.   Please email signed form back to Jodi Ausland at jausland14@gmail.com or contact to arrange drop-off.

BOREAL - ASC Season Pass

Every athlete on the team is required to purchase an ASC season pass.  The links to purchase passes can be found below.

Click Here to open the Help Document for purchasing you Boreal ASC pass.  Use the links below to purchase the Boreal ASC pass

Once the registration process has been completed, the athlete will receive several confirmation emails including a transaction report with the products. Please have your athletes/parents print these out as they will be used to pick up passes at other resorts. Middle School students involved in the High School program are being provided with their option under the specific high school they are affiliated with as well.

Questions and issues with registration can be sent directly to ASC Membership & Program Administrator Beth Ingalls at bingalls@inc.auburnskiclub.org or 530-426-3313 ext 104.


Our Team GroupMe is the primary method used for Race Day Check-Ins.  It is just like receiving a text message to your phone; but you are in a closed group with only other PV Ski and Snowboard Team Participants. 

 Now Download the GroupMe App to Your phone.  If you've completed the step above, you will automatically be brought to our team group.


Read the flyer below to make sure you have the regulation helmet for the ski/snowboard team.

Questions?  Contact Us Here

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